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With over 3,000 years of wine-making tradition spread throughout the country, Italy offers a number of routes and areas suitable to design ideal wine tours.
The landscape of wine-making industry in Italy features hundreds of small wineries, many of them even though producing excellent wines are not so internationally well known, that’s why hiring local travel and wine experts can save you time and money and give you the chance to enjoy a perfect wine travel experience.

With PrimeItaly consulting, the way a wine tour is designed aims to offer tourists a fulfilling travel experience. Any tour is designed with the goal to include in the visits to wineries for tasting the finest wines, routes offering stunning landscapes, relevant historic sites and arts for wine travelers to combine a rich sightseeing experience with their interest for Italian wines.

And of course, touring these wine routes also offers the chance to buy and sampling a large selection of local gourmet delicacies chosen to enjoy the optimal pairing with wines.

As the wine routes selected are mostly off the beaten path, the chance to enjoy a very relaxing trip as well as to know the real Italy is there.

Tuscany, Umbria, Marches …. to name just few of them, are areas that best provide routes to design comfortable wine tours, offering chances to visit destinations in the nearby of main centers but at the same time away from crowds and busy places.

Keeping in mind such goals, as well as specific needs of the travelers, PrimeItaly helps to arrange customized wine tours delivering travelers a perfect wine-travel experience.

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