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»» Suppliers of Made-in-Italy Luxury Craftsmanship Accessories – How To Find Them

If you are looking for suppliers of luxury items, genuinely manufatcured in Italy, we provide the assistance you need to locate the best of them.

1. Why do you need assistance?

Most of manufactures operating in the market of ‘luxury made-in-Italy‘ are small companies mostly focusing on manufacturing processes and leveraging on their highly regarded craft skills. Most of them have a lack of expertise in managing international contacts as well as a shortage of trained staff in this area. As a consequence of that, when it comes to contacting directly manufacturers of luxury ‘made in Italy’ products, foreigner buyers face a hard task.
Our experts team helps you to select the best suppliers and to manage relationships with them.

2. Why should you choose us as your partner?

Primeitaly has a team of experts in this market. Primeitaly has a family of websites witnessing our high expertise in the area covering topics such as Italian lifestyle, Italian-made luxury items, and travel to Italy.

You can ask to us anything you need related to luxury items, genuinely manufactured in Italy, in the following industries: Shoes & Leather Accessories, Clothes, Jewelry, Costume Jewelry & Cosmetics, Food & Wine, and Furniture and Home Decor.

Choose us to bring the typical elegance of the genuine “Made-in-Italy” to your business.

For Groups and individual Travel:
shopping tours-personal shopper service

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Shopping Tours - Personal Shopping Consulting Service

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Wine Tours Advice, Wine Tasting and Classes

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Olive Oil Tours, Tasting, Olive Oil Education

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Online Education on Italian Lifestyle and Culture

For Wholsalers & Importers:

»» Luxury Accessories

luxury craftsmanship accessories - how to select suppliers

»» Jewellery

finest handmade creations by highly skilled Italian jewelsmiths

»» Costume Jewellery

high-end costume jewellery items genuinely handcrafted in Italy

»» Furniture & Home Decor

contemporary or traditional Italian furniture & home hecor

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